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Features Of Office Stapler
Dec 27, 2017

Features Of Office Stapler

1, binding specifications, rigorous. Adopting vertical and horizontal adjustable positioning structure, it is suitable for the standard binding of two kinds of office special paper such as A4 and 16, ensuring the staple is always in the standard position regulated by the state.

2, the operation time-saving and efficient. A press can be simultaneously binding two staples; using the key way of nailing and floating nails slot and other new structures, can be filled once can bind 120 materials; storage box can be randomly stored staples.

3, the use of labor-saving, simple. Using labor-saving lever and sliding drag reduction and other structures than the average stapler 60% effortless, just light pressure can be completed binding; switch binding specifications only be prompted to dial either.

4, beautiful structure, durable. The use of high-strength engineering materials and painted metal parts, with anti-staple and overload protection mechanism in the contracted state machine length 21 cm, width 19 cm, height 14 cm (with landline telephone volume equivalent), weight 1500 grams, structure Delicate and sturdy, styling stable appearance.

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