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Flat Clinch Stapler
Nov 16, 2017

Flat Clinch Stapler

Flat Clinch Stapler can be found in the offices of professionals throughout the world. Developed in Germany, these high performance staplers are designed to improve productivity and efficiency at work. Whether you need to staple a few sheets of paper or a stack of 50 pages, Novus Pro Staplers will help you get the job done faster and with less effort. 

  FeFlat Clinch Stapler.jpgatures 

   Stapling capacity - 25 sheets

     Staple legs are bent and pressed flat after stapling which provides 30% more binder storage 

     Dual staple guide encases the staples and provides superior performance and reliability

     Tri-Mode for stapling, temporary pinning &   tacking 

     Gentle pressure allows for easy      

         Staple legs pressed flat.png                     Adjustable anvil rotates.png

Staple legs are bent and pressed flat                Adjustable anvil rotates for either a 

after stapling which provides 30% more           permanent flat clinch, temporary pin, or 

binder storage                                                      tack.

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