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Heavy stapler use method
Jan 08, 2018

Heavy stapler use method

First, the binding, the presser hand wheel clockwise to raise the presser foot, the binding material into the presser foot, the selected position to release presser hand wheel automatically compressed, then the presser foot wheel counterclockwise Turn the direction of ~ 180 or so locking, and then the needle handle counterclockwise rotation, needle through the material.

When penetrated into place, the wire arm will automatically hang the wire in the needle hook thread groove, then lift the handle at the same time, the needle exit at the same time, the binding will follow the binding material, the clockwise release Presser foot hand wheel to complete a needle binding, repeat the above procedures, legislation can be completed binding task.

Second, the needle method to loose the fixed screw on the needle, remove the needle, the tail of the needle hook hook into the needle fixed hole to maintain vertical, the needle set into the set in situ, Tighten the fastening screws on the needle holder.

Stapler ye use? What is the recommended answer: Stapler How to use 1. Paper alignment staples should be stapled position? 2. With the palm of your hand press? Go down 3. booked, let go release the stapler? Matters needing attention be careful Do not nail your fingers! Stapler assembly method is what? Recommended answer: 1, the installation handle: the handle with the box set into the right side of the binding machine square shaft position (Note: handle angle), tighten with a locking screw.

2, the amount of paper: paper must be based on the specifications of the various models to decide, not excessive.

Failure to do so may result in the following inconveniences: (1) The handle can not be pressed down and the paper can not penetrate through the paper.

② uneven edge, prone to the paper roll angle.

③ cause distortion of the square shaft, resulting in shortening the life of binding machine.

3, the paper margin adjustment, the principle is: According to the size of the diameter of the pull ring to determine the margin size.

The method is: to use the adjustment screw (installed in the binding machine behind) to adjust the scale to achieve the purpose of margin.

Rules are: pull the ring diameter, the paper edge of the large transfer, pull the ring diameter, the paper margin small.

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