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How do you staple documents and paper before the stapler appears
Aug 22, 2018

1. Sewing with needlework and using the fixing method for clothes on paper. When it comes to the problem of binding of paper, it is natural to use the sewing technique that is well known to the paper.

2. Binding with sealing wax

3. Glue or glue strip, the glue is well understood, and the glue is the same as the glue that everyone knows today. The strip is similar to the double-sided tape used today, but it is far less so thin and easier to tear. Such a binding method is likely to cause wrinkles of the paper, and the chemical composition contained in the glue may corrode the document for a long time, causing damage to the document.

4. Bundle the ropes, punch the documents and wear a rope, tie them together, a bit similar to the stringing of copper coins we know.

5. Rubber band, roll up the paper file and bundle it with rubber bands.

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