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How ordinary staplers work
Aug 16, 2018

The working principle of the ordinary stapler is that when the end of the stapler is pressed by the hand, the top, the needle and the clamp will rotate around the connecting pin, and as the force of the hand continues to be applied, the top will rotate to the natural state. At this time, the top will make an approximate up and down movement of the needle pin slightly above the needle height, the end cap spring compression, the elastic piece compression, and then the downward movement of the needle will be driven. After moving a certain distance, the needle will contact the staple to be bound. The object passes through the object under the action of human force, and the needle will touch the mold after passing through the object, and the needle is bent, thereby achieving penetration bonding between the needle and the object.

After the binding is completed, the person removes the force on the end cap of the needle. At this time, the shrapnel will rebound, and the needle, the clamp, the top and the end cap will rise under the action of the elastic force, and then the spring of the end cover spring will rebound. The sub-end and the end cap are lifted again, and the top is disengaged from the fixture; the expansion of the push spring causes the needle to feed again, thereby returning the stapler to the initial state, waiting for re-binding.

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