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How to bind files using the three-hole one-line binding method
Aug 25, 2018

After the file order is placed, punch it with a puncher.

The file that has been punched is clamped with a dovetail clip, which is not easy to spread, and it is easier to thread and staple.

The staples are put on the cotton thread, and the single strand can be threaded from the back and the middle hole.

After wearing the front, you can pass through the upper or lower hole, both can be selected according to personal habits.

After wearing the back of the case, again from the middle hole, there is a back lead to the front, from the other hole, the lead to the back.

Kill the knot and cut off the excess line to complete the binding. Be sure to tighten the rope to prevent the file from loose. After that, our case file was bound.

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