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How to buy a stapler?
Sep 06, 2017

1. The surface paint of the stapler. General stapler appearance will have a layer of paint, when you choose to see, paint is neat, there is no small bag of paint.

2. The quality of the stapler. Because the main thing is to order things, so generally have the endurance, quality must be good, buy the time to try to order, there is no loose, unstable.

3. Place where staples are set. Generally have a square long, the inside of the force set book nails, you can look at the time to buy, put nails place is very hard, if the square is very thick, then the quality is good.

4. Connecting place. Generally put the book staples where there is a similar spring things, we can try to see the spring can move, if the feeling is very flexible, then it is good.

5. The weight of the stapler. High quality stapler is generally heavier, because the quality will be more durable, we choose the time to choose Shen, such a more assured.

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