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How to make the staple channel?
Dec 18, 2017

How To Make The Staple Channel

Staple Channel is an essential part of the production volume, material Q235, sheet thickness 1mm. The completion of this part of the roughly 5 processes, namely: punching → blanking → bending → flanging → bulging. If using a single process mode, at least 6 molds are required to complete the part forming (ie 1 blanking die, 1 punch die, 1 bulging die, 2 bending die, 1 flanging die), not only the die Large investment, but also low productivity, large positioning error, accuracy can not be guaranteed. Therefore, through the process analysis and calculation, a number of processes are combined to design a multi-position progressive die suitable for mass production, with high parts quality and low product cost. 2 staple slot craft analysis According to the structure and requirements of the parts, according to the different combinations of the process design, the following two kinds of programs were designed. Figure 1 Parts Figure (1) The use of progressive die, punching and blanking, flanging and bulging composite, and the bending process is divided into three stations to complete. In this way, the accuracy of the mutual position of the parts can be ensured; the surface of the punch is relatively straight; the positioning accuracy of the strip is less demanding and the production efficiency is high; however, the die structure is complex, the manufacturing precision is high, the manufacturing is difficult and the cost is high. (2) The use of progressive die, punching, bulging, burring, blanking, bending, cutting several processes to complete the formation of parts.


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