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How to use hole punch?
Dec 15, 2017

How to use hole punch?


1, will need to organize the files neatly stacked.

2, pull out the punch positioning ruler to determine the location of drilling.

3, into the hole to be punched documents (one into the hole number of sheets should not exceed the number of pages required), aligned, press the punch down the handle, press the action when the moment to be slightly faster, so hit the hole More sleek look.

4, release the hand, punch automatically rebound handle, remove the hole to play the file.

5, with the use of metal or plastic binder binding the hole has been perforated documents


1, the manual drilling machine fixed on the countertop as required, gently turn the manual drilling machine runner and carefully check the working condition of each part of the drilling machine.

2, check the punching punch punch position and whether there are debris, and timely clean-up. Then punch in the guide sleeve and the mold top contact position filling lubricant.

3, the need to punch the material according to the positioning requirements put away, and then turn the manual wheel anti-clockwise force to complete drilling.

4, after completing the punching left hand to stop turning the wheel, the right hand gently pulls the material from the inside out.

Repeat Step 4 to continue drilling for the next material to be punched (and so on).

6, punch the actual work process should be kept drilling machine oil reservoir at any time, for the punch to provide lubrication components to cool.

7, after the work should be manually drilling machine cleaning trash, keep the drilling machine clean and store dry.


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