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Is the price of a professional stapler high?
Jan 31, 2018

I am glad to answer your question. There are any related questions that can be left in the inquiry. I will answer the question.

The price of the professional stapler is within 130 yuan. How to choose and purchase professional stapler: 1. Attention should be paid to the overall effect: the appearance of the product should be clean, the outside dust, no fingerprint, and no antirust oil spillover. Two, from parts, should pay attention to: 

1) plastic - plastic parts surface should be smooth, bright color, uniform with no obvious color difference, no deformation, cracks, burrs, Queliao, sag, gas lines, plastic marks, white hat and other appearance defects. 

2) metal -- metal coating surface should be smooth and bright, no pinholes, pits, spots, yellowing, show, rust, starting and other defects; metal edge should be rounded, no burr, sharp edge (a safety problem). 

3) paint / printing film parts on the surface should be smooth, no obvious color difference, color matching, no intensive impurity particles, not pinhole bubbles, show, paint sticky and uneven phenomenon; nail nail cutter knife without deformation, flash, defect. 

4) down grooves - grooves up and down at the bottom of the base, and the next slot is flexible. Three, from the assembly of parts; 

1) the upper cover of the stapler is well locked, and there is no obvious loosening and sloshing. 

2) hold the stapler base with one hand, and take the top and cover of the stapler on the other hand. The opening of the upper cover is moderate (contrast sample), the nail road is separated from the upper cover, and the nail road should be fixed on the base. 

3) use one hand to hold the stapler base, on the other hand the stapler nail and screw screw should be removed, fixed on the base. 

4) the upper cover of the light press stapler, the gap between the nail channel and the nailed slot can be repeated and repeated, and the rebound performance is good (contrast sample), and there is no stagnation. 

5) the bookings are open and close (contrast samples), and the bookings can push the staples to the top of the nail path, and all the staples can be finished all over once.

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