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Punch operation method
Jan 08, 2018

Punch operation method

Punch operation method: ① The paper neatly, close to the positioning block, the paper into the machine in parallel, the top place.

② left hand to suppress the paper, hold the handle with your right hand, press down to the blade to penetrate the paper, and then lift the handle.

③ smooth hands will lay out the paper, such as the phenomenon of hanging paper, the handle will be repeated depressing, and then mention the bit can be put out the paper.

5, pull the ring binding method: According to the number of paper, select the size of the different specifications of the pull ring, the handle slowly push up to the pull ring open, and then insert the paper hole into the pull circle, the handle slowly pull back Pull the ring teeth all inserted into the paper hole, the handle pulled in place, tighten the pull ring mouth, bound this installed.

Stapler needle model specifications? Recommended answer: Unified staples acupuncture is (W * H): sharp feet, 11.5 * 6mm, is our most common stapler used.


Trumpet are: 8.4 * 5mm

The long legs are: 11.5 * 10mm

You can measure your stapler size, buy the appropriate needle.

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