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Stapler and needle inspection focus
Dec 12, 2017

Stapler and needle inspection focus

The use of lever staple plate theory: the longer the handle, the more forward, the more effort when pressed; staple pressure larger area, increasing the force surface, nail the more effort;

Middle branch in the cover of the shrapnel card placed in the right position; shrapnel card is not put in place will cause the shrapnel can not be pressed to the front of the staple, resulting in the intensity of the needle shot enough to cause floating needle or twist needle. Guide the spring elastic enough, open together smooth; lack of spring force will make the second pin push the baby does not have enough power to push the staple forward, resulting in a card or empty needle.

The guide rail is smooth and straight. When the guide rail is not smooth enough, the force exerted by the pushing force is not enough to push the parallel sliding of the needle, resulting in the needles or empty needles.

Needle ditch smooth; needle ditch deformation will play out can not be set in a smooth manner, resulting in the needle valgus or needle.

Assembly of the components connected firmly; when the cover, the branch and the base assembly is loose, it will make the shot of the needle and the groove contact area changes, the staples will not be able to normal deformation, the formation of twisted needle.

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