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Stapler buckle
Dec 21, 2017

Stapler buckle

After preliminary calculation, the working process of the mold: the material retaining pin locates. When the punch slider descends to drive the die holder to close the mold, the punch and die will squeeze into the die to complete the blanking while the punch pushes the material into the punch and die to complete the punching Then press the slider to push the pusher to push the product into the concave die. Bending punch into the bending die, punch press and then pushing the block pushing the product from the die out of the die, complete the product of all processes. Composite mold with elastic stripper. Curved rebound control: the method of control bending rebound method commonly used compensation and upsetting method. Compensation Act is in the mold corresponding position out of a certain slope, the workpiece is exactly in line with the provisions of the angle. Upsetting method is upsetting the workpiece bending zone, changing its stress, strain state, to achieve the purpose of controlling bending rebound. In the workpiece, 90 ° right-angle bending using upsetting method can be achieved by the control buckle is a more common parts, but also the most necessary parts of machinery and equipment, its shape and complexity of the shape, but the actual use of the same purpose, Due to the large number of processes, long production cycle, material consumption, low efficiency and high cost, the forming process can not well meet the needs of production and development.

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