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Stapler common problem analysis(1)
Dec 20, 2017

Stapler common problem analysis(1)

  1. Do not send wire or do not send wire. The main reason is: transport wheels or skateboarding (package delivery track) and other wear grooves, so that the wire can not rhythmically correct delivery, sometimes showing leakage, do not send appearances; wire carton unqualified quality, burr, no Smooth or uneven will affect the normal wire feed.

2. Do not cut wire or cut constantly. The first is the cutter and guide wire hole some      fault. Such as: Cutter lower than the booking bit with the wire shaft hole touch is      too small; Cutter and guide wire shaft hole spacing is too large (cutting blade          collapse), can not constitute a shear effect; cutting blade has serious collapse. 

3. Non-forming (ie sawing): mainly stapler

4. Forming hook and molding skateboard cooperation is not proper. Such as: molding hook      feeding is not in place; molding hook and clip plate wear, wire can not send out; clip    spring failure, wire caught, can not send booking location. 

5. Card saw (wire is stuck). The first is inappropriate forming hook. Such as: forming a    larger wear and tear, the wire out of the groove, the wire stuck; wire not                straightened, forced delivery in place and then stuck; wire diameter inappropriate        (usually too large) or set heavy sawing. 

6. Nail saw irregular length (set claws are not common). The first is the shipping is not    normal. Such as: feeding swing conditioning improper delivery roller or feed              skateboard wear, so that the wire can not be the regular delivery. 

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