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Stapler connector analysis
Dec 20, 2017

Stapler connector analysis

Pin connection: The main feature of the pin connection is that the pin hole needs to be hinged. After several loading and unloading, the precision of the positioning and the fastening of the connection are reduced, and the load can not be transmitted. The diameter tolerance is m6 (type A), h8 (Type B), h11 (Type C) and u8 (D

Type) four to meet the different requirements. Stapler in the pin connection there are two, one is the positioning pin, the other is the coupling pin. Positioning pin connection is the central bracket and shrapnel, base and gasket connections, the connection pin is the central bracket and the end cover, cover shrapnel and the fixture of the connection.


Spring connection: Spring connection is the use of parts of the elastic deformation in the body parts, the use of his flexibility can control the movement of the body to ease the impact or vibration, energy storage, measuring the size of force and so on. According to the shape can be divided into coil spring, scroll spring, leaf spring, torsion spring. It is generally used in the part where the presser of the stapler is connected to the base.


Screw connection: The base of the stapler and the pressure plate are directly connected with the screw. He is mainly used to fasten parts, this connection is more common in life, everywhere.


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