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Stapler Instructions
Dec 09, 2017

Stapler Instruction


How to use:

1, This machine is used for perforation of paper and plastic sheets, and binding with plastic folders. This machine is limited to this function, please follow the operating instructions. 

2, before the original piercing remember waste paper on the first trial to confirm the normal machine. 

3, Regularly empty the waste container. 

4, perforated ceiling of 15, do not exceed.

Details are as follows

1, according to the binding text size, select the paper and binding margin position, insert the text.

2, insert the text, the handle pressure, lift the handle. 

3, the rubber ring placed behind the comb plate, the opening up. 

4, push the handle back, opened the plastic ring. 

5, the punch after the paper sets in plastic ring. 

6, the handle back, the text binding completed.


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