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Stapler making process 1
Jan 06, 2018

Stapler Making Process

Part 1: the cuboid length and width were 48,24,4; slot length 43, width 17, margin 3.5, fillet radius 2, depth 1; boss radius of 1.5 and 2.5 respectively, the center distance 23 , According to one side of the small circle of 3.5, a height of 1; rounding radius of 2. The results shown in Figure:2JO19B$Y64{{GO$7K20NVUT.png

Part 2: Draw the following sketch, stretch the thickness of 1


The side of the selected entity is a sketch plane, drawn under the sketch


To the inside stretch length of 1, and then mirror the other half, in the round, punching operation, the results are as follows


Part 3: Draw an entity of length, width, height, respectively, 43, 15 and 1, with the following sketches drawn on one side


And stretch 1, and then mirror, the last chamfer drilling, the results are as follows


Part 4: with the following sketches drawn on one side


After stretching (stretching 8, mirror range!), And then through the groove, rounding and other details of the operation, the results are as follows:


Part 5:


Stretching (6.5 election mirror range), after the groove, boss rounding, Le board and other operations, the effect is as follows:


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