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Stapler making process 2
Jan 08, 2018

Stapler making process 2

Part 6: Drawing two connected bosses, the big circle radius of 2, a thickness of 0.6, a small radius of 1.5, the thickness of 2.3, the results are as follows:


Part 7: sketch a (outline) and sketch two (guide line), respectively, as follows:


Through the ribs and the box (thickness of 1.5), after filleting and cutting operation, the results as shown below:


Part 8: the wire frame module for helix operation, pitch 0.6, height of 10, and then add the vertical coil, the ribs command scanning operation, into the details of the treatment results are as follows:


At this point, you're done, the required part is finally painted! ! ! Finally, the assembly operation, the process needless to say, as long as the corresponding constraints and mutual relations can be. Through simple movement, with the match and contact constraints can complete the assembly work. Finally, you can add materials and rendering, the results are as follows:


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