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Stapler stamping process design
Dec 21, 2017

Stapler stamping process design

The stapler shown in the staple shape is more complex, the material is stainless steel, the thickness of 1.0 mm, the production batch of 500,000 times. Stapler staple forming process includes blanking, bending and other processes, in addition, the workpiece surface without scratches, truncated surface shall not have burrs, not note the size tolerance of I T12. U-shaped primary bending easier, the feasibility analysis, a composite mold plus a forming mold secondary bending, and each step must be strictly controlled springback. The bending radius of the material in the direction perpendicular to the fiber is larger than the minimum bending radius of 08 F steel calculated to meet the forming requirements. However, when cutting the material, pay attention to the fiber direction and try to adopt the bending method that the bending direction is consistent with the material burr direction, Effect of Burrs on the Bending Quality of Parts.


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