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stapler structure
Dec 09, 2017

First, the stapler structure principle introduction

1,stapler structure However, this small tool is also a mechanical structure, part of the stapler sold on the market also clever use of the labor-saving institutions to make the book more convenient, more Easy to operate. The following general structure of the stapler have a general understanding. Ordinary stapler, including pushers, pins, pallets, deformers, rivets, deformer, base, spring, shrapnel, positioning axis stapler parts; Figure three is a stapler of the local structure, Rod drive structure plays the function of automatically pushing back the pusher when loading the staple, and automatically makes the pusher work when the staple is closed and the handle is placed on the staple.

 2, stapler basic functions According to the stapler's functional importance, the stapler function is divided into main function, secondary function and auxiliary function. The main functions include stapling and stapling. The minor functions include changing the shape of the staples, auxiliary functions including anti-skid and anti-noise functions. Each function can be divided into sub-functions according to its steps. Among them, the loading function can be divided into the function of opening the cover, the function of loading the needle, the function of the fixed needle and the function of closing the lid. The function of the needle can also be subdivided into the functions of entering book, semi-automatic needle feeding function, stapling function, The function of the top of the needle, the automatic rebound function and the book function; change the shape of the needle binding shape can be divided into the top of the needle mold function, replace the needle mold shape function, return fixed needle mold function and positioning needle mold function; anti-skid and noise prevention function; Trademark display function. Stapler structure

 3, Stapler working principle Ordinary stapler work High principle is hard pressed in the manual stapler cover, the top needle, needle and fixture will rotate around the connecting pin, with the continued strength of manpower Apply, the top will turn to break away from its natural state, then the top of the pin will be around the pin up and down slightly more than a needle up and down the approximate movement up and down, the end cover spring compression, shrapnel compression, which will drive the needle down, After a certain distance, the needle touches the object to be bound and passes through the object under the action of human. The needle touches the mold after passing through the object and the needle bends to achieve the penetration binding between the needle and the object. After finishing binding, the person withdraws the force of the end cap of the needle, the elastic piece will rebound at this moment, and the needle, the clamp, the top cap and the end cap will rebound under the elastic force, and then the resilience of the end cap spring causes the top cap And the end cap rises again, the ejector pin is released from the clamp; the expansion of the ejector spring causes the needle to be fed again, thereby returning the stapler to the initial state and waiting for the stapling again. 

4, parts and parts between the coupling means and characteristics of the connection between the parts and parts are mainly handle and pallet pin connection, the handle and deformer welding, handle shrapnel and pallet pin connection, positioning shaft and Welding of pallets, welding of positioning shafts and push-in springs, welding of pusher springs and pushers, pin coupling of pallets and bases, rivet connection of deformers and bases, interference fit of deformers and bases, Base with the interference. "Stapler structure" Second, the stapler and needle inspection key Stapler used lever principle: the longer the handle, the more forward, the more pressure when the pressure; place larger stapler pressure, increase Large force surface, & nbsp; nails nailing the more effort; more pointed tip more energy. Middle branch in the cover of the shrapnel card placed in the right position; shrapnel card is not put in place will cause the shrapnel can not be pressed to the front of the staple, resulting in the intensity of the needle shot enough to cause floating needle or twist needle. Guide the spring elastic enough, open together smooth; lack of spring force will make the second pin push the baby does not have enough power to push the staple forward, resulting in a card or empty needle. The guide rail is smooth and straight. When the guide rail is not smooth enough, the force exerted by the push can not push the parallel forward slip of the needle, resulting in the needles or empty needles. Needle ditch smooth; needle ditch deformation will play out can not be set in a smooth manner, resulting in the needle valgus or needle. When the assembly of the upper cover, the middle branch and the base is relatively loose, the contact parts of the needle and the needle groove which are punched out are changed, the staples can not be deformed normally, Torsion formation.

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