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Stapler stuck how to do, you know?
Jan 22, 2018

Stapler stuck how to do, you know?

Staplers are very common, and can be used in daily life and office, but there are problems with the stapler, for example: what happens when the stapler gets stuck? Sometimes the improper handling may cause the text, the paper Bad. Waste of resources, but also a waste of time to re-print, then we look at it: Stapler stuck how to do?

Solution One:

General paper will not block the paper, there are many voucher binding machine are carbonless copy paper, which has plastic items, punch out the confetti will stick together, the use of a long time can not effectively discharge the paper will appear Jamming phenomenon, there is the use of perforating tools failed, the tool is good or bad depends on the tool wall thickness, and then look at the smoothness of the tool wall, a good tool is smooth and bright inside the wall, The inside of the tool can be cut out of the paper with a hexagonal wrench with a random belt to remove the tool off the poke, use the vertical tip structure of the binding machine, we can avoid binding machine jam phenomenon.

The second solution: the stapler stuck reason and the season approach; either set things too thick, too hard, or poor quality of the book, too soft, causing the two sharp corners of the stator completely deformed or partially bent, set Stuck in the slit in the book. If this is the first reason, try to divide things into two parts or more parts; if the latter reason, use better quality.

Solution three:

First open the stapler cover and note that opening the stapler cover will disable the stapler, remove the staple cartridge from the device, and remove any loose staples in the stapler and staple cartridge. Next reload the staple cartridge, close the stapler cover, and finally insert the media to test the stapler.

The above is the stapler stuck how to do three solutions, I hope can help you oh ~

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