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Staplerless Stapler
Dec 25, 2017

Staplerless Stapler

Stapless stapler is free staples, you can easily put together a few sheets of paper. And the use of more than 10,000 times. stapless stapler.pngIt is made of plastic and looks a bit like a 

double birthday cake. However, there was a slit 

in the bottom of the "cake," and the paper could

be easily "nailed" by simply tucking the paper 

into the slit and then gently pressing the same 

as a stapler. Paper squeezed out an oval hole, 

the hole edge of the slit, the part of the paper

is pressed away do not enter this slit.

There will be an oval-shaped hole in the staple, because the stapler cuts that part of the paper and "cuts" the part of the cut paper on the paper so that the paper sticks together Of course, it is more suitable for binding not very thick paper. General printing paper about 10 pages. The needleless stapler has no problem for binding ordinary paper, invoice and the like, is convenient to use, saves time and labor, and is very suitable for binding a small amount of documents. Needle-free stapler environmentally friendly design, fashion pioneer, never hurt hands. Especially suitable for binding notes, simple documents and so on.

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