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Staplers and binding machines are how to install and use?
Dec 19, 2017

Staplers and binding machines are how to install and use?

WAY1. a simple way to get started using the stapler 

1, open the stapler 

2, it is best to use the hand fixed open the other end to prevent rebound injury 

3, into the staples 

4, put

5, together 

6, Alignment staples should be stapled position 

7, with the palm of the hand pressed down 

8, booked, let go release stapler 

9, OK! Note: Be careful not to nail!

WAY2. the use of manual binding machine Although many companies have replaced the machine, binding machines are basically replaced by automatic binding machine, but there are still many users still manual binding machine, the use of manual binding machine Users often encounter some problems during the process, I will give you a simple talk about the use of manual binding machine. 

1, first install the handle, the handle with the box set into the binding machine right side of the shaft position and tighten it with a screw, ready to read carefully before reading the manual, consider the amount of paper binding. 

2, adjust the paper margin with adjusting screw (installed in the binding machine behind) to adjust the scale to adjust the paper margins. Pull the ring in the regulation of large diameter, the paper margin to adjust large, pull the ring diameter is small, the paper margin to small. We can adjust the appropriate paper margin according to your needs. 

3, the paper put away we need to punch the paper, the paper tidy, close to the positioning block, and then the paper into the machine parallel to the top so far, the left hand hold the paper, hold the handle with his right hand, down Penetrate the paper until it reaches the blade. Lift the handle again. 

4, before binding we have to give the needle on the machine, first loosen the fixed screw on the needle, remove the needle, the tail of the needle hook hook into the needle fixed hole to maintain vertical, and then Set the needle holder into the original position of the binding rod and finally tighten the fixing screw on the needle holder. 

5, proceed to the final step, binding, first press the hand wheel clockwise to raise the presser foot, the binding material into the presser foot, the paper into, release presser hand wheel automatically compressed, and then After the presser foot handle is rotated 180 ° anticlockwise and locked, rotate the staple handle anticlockwise to move the staple through the material. Wait until the lead arm automatically hangs the thread in the needle hook thread groove, at this time you can lift the handle, while the needle is withdrawn, the binding thread will follow the lock, then release the presser foot wheel clockwise, You can complete a stitch binding, repeat the above procedure on it. Third, the use of ordinary binding machine 


1, the installation handle: The handle with the box set into the binding machine right side of the shaft position (Note: handle angle), tighten with a locking screw. 

2, the amount of paper: paper must be based on the specification of each model to determine the amount of paper, not excessive. Failure to do so may result in the following inconveniences: 

① The handle can not be pressed down and the paper can not penetrate through the paper. ② uneven edge, prone to the paper roll angle. 

③ cause distortion of the square shaft, resulting in shortening the life of binding machine. 

3, the paper margin adjustment, the principle is: According to the size of the diameter of the pull ring to determine the margin size. The method is: to use the adjustment screw (installed in the binding machine behind) to adjust the scale to achieve the purpose of margin. Rules are: pull the ring diameter, the paper edge of the large transfer, pull the ring diameter, the paper margin small. 

4, drilling methods of operation: 

① the tidy paper, close to the positioning block, the paper into the machine in parallel, the top place. 

② left hand to suppress the paper, hold the handle with your right hand, press down to the blade to penetrate the paper, and then lift the handle. 

③ smooth hands will lay out the paper, such as the phenomenon of hanging paper, the handle will be repeated depressing, and then mention the bit can be put out the paper. 

5, pull the ring binding method: According to the number of paper, select the size of the pull ring, the handle slowly pushed up to the pull ring open, and then insert the paper hole into the pull circle, the handle slowly pull back, let Pull the ring teeth all inserted into the paper hole, the handle pulled in place, tighten the pull ring mouth, bound this installed.

Read the above introduction, we should understand that the stapler is how the installation of one thing, we must be careful in the operation process must not be fixed to the fingers, or be careful

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