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Technical Requirements for Nail starter
Sep 06, 2017

1. Hook into the nail easy, easy to nail, do not damage the paper.

2. The parts are not interfered with each other and the activities are smooth.

3. Spring feel is moderate.

4. The main parts are not deformed, no parts fall off, loosening phenomenon.

5. electroplating parts requirements. The surface of the electric crossing is homogeneous, with sufficient brightness, no leakage, yellowing, peeling, burns, scratches, rust, coarse grains, deformation and other defects. Non-major parts should not have serious oxidation blackening and electric cross pendants and other traces

6. Plastic Parts Quality requirements: surface should be smooth, bright color, matching color should be basically consistent, no deformation, cracking, brittle crack, workpiece dissatisfaction, serious shrinkage, top white, top high, surface grease and other defects, the height of the flying edge can not exceed 0.05mm; The scratch length cannot exceed 1mm.

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