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The introduction of office stapler
Dec 27, 2017

The introduction of office stapler

Binding is the last step in data processing, is to ensure that the normative wording can not be ignored factors and details. In actual work, most of the office materials are not very rigorous normative, nor can they meet the stipulated standards for binding office paper in the Official Document Format of the State Administration, affecting the overall normativeness of the paperwork.

"Office dedicated stapler" is to meet the normative needs of the daily work of administrative staff, and specially designed and manufactured office supplies. When binding office materials, it can simultaneously bind two staples in one press, and the nail is always in the standard position stipulated by the state (standard binding can be made for A4 and 16) to achieve the national binding standard. Solve the previous ordinary binding binding official documents and office information, the two staples on the page position "non-high and low, non-left and right" can not be standardized. Ensure that the official document binding rigorous beauty, the operation time-saving, labor-saving, simple and efficient, handsome in appearance, durable, administrative and clerical staff is the ideal choice for office supplies, which are widely used in various office and writing staff, Paperwork to organize the work (such as: administrative matters approved by the data set jobs and printer workplaces, etc.).

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