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What are the common problems with stapler?
Sep 06, 2017

1. Abnormal delivery of wire or wire. The first reason is: the delivery of the wheel or the skateboard (packaging delivery track), such as the wear groove, so that the wire can not be correctly delivered rhythmically, and sometimes present leakage, do not send the appearance; wire carton printing quality unqualified, burr, smooth or not straight will affect the normal wire feeding.

2. Do not cut wire or cut constantly. First of all, there are some problems with the cutting tool and the guide wire hole. such as: Cutter reduced to the reservation position and guide wire shaft cavities touch too small, cutting knife and guide wire shaft hole spacing is too large, (cutting blade collapse), can not constitute shearing effect, cutting blade has severe damage.

3. No type (ie SAW): The first is stapler forming hook and forming skateboard cooperation. such as: Molding hook feeding is not in place, forming hooks and folder plate has wear and tear, wire can not be sent out;

4. Card saws (wire is stuck). The first is the molding hook is not appropriate. such as: forming hook wear larger, wire out in the groove, The wire will be stuck, the wire is not straightening, forced to transport in place and then stuck, iron thread diameter improper (usually too large) or ordered heavy saw.

5. The length of the nail saw is irregular (the claw is not common). The first is delivery is not normal. such as: Feeding swing conditioning improper, feeding wheel or feeding skateboard wear, so that the wire can not have regular delivery.

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