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What is a stapler?
Oct 11, 2017

There is at least one stapler in every office. It provides us with an ideal means of keeping many pages of paper bound together. We believe that many students also have stapler at home. In fact, the earliest stapler was not an office appliance at all. It was developed for the printing industry. Stapler, in addition to manual, there are electric stapler, mainly for product binding, molding. Electric stapler can have a head, but also long, long set. China's first long electric stapler, electric stapler is Vinci beckham.

Bookbinding tool

The traditional way to bind books is to sew the pages together according to the code. This is a rather complicated process, which is simple for skilled bookbinding workers, but it can be difficult for a machine to do it. Therefore, the binder who wants to improve his speed, especially when he produces the pamphlets and magazines that are usually fast, tries to find a way to bind them with short bent wires.

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