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What is the use of a stapler that can be rotated
Aug 28, 2018

Many of the medium staplers can be rotated at the center of the back of the head and are generally allowed to rotate 90 degrees to the left and right.You can observe this type of stapler. In the three angles that can be rotated, the needle exit will coincide with the bottom three grooves: the default front is continuous, and the staple is the same length. The same is true for the two sides, the other is 2 times the staple length and there is a groove on the outside. This is a design that is bound in a different way.

The default front is the binding of the side and the top. Once the stapler is inserted into the stapler and the binding is pressed, the binding line is no more than the length of the stapler, that is, ten centimeters. In general, A4 paper prints a few pages of contracts, reports are used on the left side and the upper side is 1 cm.


 After rotating, insert the paper into the stapler, and you can find that the staple is set at a vertical angle. This is a staple binding for a double-page booklet. For example, several sheets of paper are tiling together, and the lower ends of the center line are Binding in this way, then folding in half along the center line, you get a booklet. Generally, thin booklets are often bound in this way. You can find a page of this page and turn it to the middle to see that there are two staples in the gap. The previous mode circumvents the problem in this way because the gutter is up to ten centimeters and the booklet page is much wider than 10 centimeters. The difference between the two sides is that the stitches are bent inward/outside, and generally they are bent inward as in the front.

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