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2017 The Second Phase Of The Canton Fair Was Active
Oct 27, 2017

The second phase of carton fair

In the second phase of the Canton fair, the participating companies reflected that the purchase intention of purchasers was enhanced, the field order frequency was now, and the steady trend of foreign trade was further consolidated.

    The second phase of Canton fair.png

Zhejiang trading group: the exhibitors generally reflect the increase in the number of buyers and sellers in the countries along the One Belt And One Road. Compared with the period of the 120th, the number of purchasers in the second phase of the Canton fair and the equal number of enterprises were 81.9%, and the purchasers were willing to stay in the booth to negotiate their enthusiasm, and the intention was better. Brand enterprises are also generally reflect the purchaser reception number significantly increased in the Canton fair, clinch a deal the case are compared with the same period the 120th, clinch a deal the Canton fair phase ii intention enterprises accounted for 86.0% of growth and equal. Household goods, food and kitchen utensils, pet supplies at this Canton fair trade situation is relatively good, 90 percent household goods and food kitchen appliance enterprise expects export growth and flat this year. Rising raw material costs, currency fluctuations and price competition remain problems for exports.

Tianjin international: the second phase 3 days clinch a deal the cumulative $130 million, up 60% from a year earlier, the main exhibition goods for consumer goods, home decorations and gifts, clinch a deal in the following features: one is the private enterprise strong, clinch a deal the year-on-year growth of 64.3%, accounting for 57.6% of total volume; Second is seasonal goods, daily necessities, clinch a deal, household goods increased 3.1 times, eat hutch supplies increased 1.65 times, garden supplies, up 43.9% from a year earlier, gift and premium growth of 20.7% year-on-year, toy year-on-year growth of 43.5%; Third, the turnover in Asia, Europe and the americas rose by 74.8%, 67.4% and 76.6%, respectively, respectively, respectively, with a decline of 26.6% and 42.5% in Oceania and Africa.

Nanjing trade group: the opening four days of the second phase of the Canton fair, which was 12.33% higher than the last. In terms of transaction volume and volume, toys, household goods and ceramics constitute the top three of the transaction category, accounting for 65% of the total turnover. In terms of product features, the buyer pays more attention to the product quality, brand and innovation design than the quotation factor. With the stand of the independent brand, the visiting amount of customers is significantly more than that of other booths, and the transaction price is higher than that of similar products. According to the statistics, owning the products of the independent brand accounts for about 55% of the transaction volume. Individual international popular brand booth, appearance of the customers to order the hot scene; "Three self" product transaction price advantage is obvious. Export smoothly from the trading market, traditional market, individual emerging market growth faster, clinch a deal to clinch a deal the United States, Germany, Britain was interested country (region) in the first three, demand from emerging markets gradually in ascension, the Middle East, South America, central and eastern Europe and other emerging market countries all have substantial growth. Clinch a deal from the point of enterprise type, industry and trade enterprises increased year by year, the proportion of accounted for 53.2%, has been the dominant, and keep increasing year by year, production, foreign trade enterprises to clinch a deal accounted for 12.1% and 34.7%, respectively.