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Do You Have A Future For B2C For Office Supplies And Stationery?
Dec 02, 2017

Now, we are doing this. From the market perspective, demand is there. The price of customers and the rate of repeat purchase are all acceptable, but there are also several fatal problems that make it difficult to carry out.

1, China's unique market environment: in the US, office supplies are generally purchased online, avoiding gray things, Staples, Office Deopt and others are doing well, but in China, more are human to human relations and gray transactions. Unlike other categories, your price is affordable, convenient, and good service, and you don't eat this set.

2, like the logistics cost mentioned in two upstairs: the same city can distribute itself, the field orders, if you purchase the products of copy paper and so on, the profit is not enough freight, the profit of a box of paper may be more than 20 yuan, and the shipping cost needs seventy or eighty yuan.

3, the concept of problems: many people in the concept of office supplies are locally bought, hoping that the local distribution, such as Tianjin, he wanted to find a local sale of office supplies in Tianjin.

This is the time of the operation of some of the feelings, but also welcome you to continue to explore this category and give us some good suggestions!