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Floor 4 Stapler To Escape Office
Nov 08, 2017

Running, stapler~

An employee decided to violate the company's rules, with this stapler to escape the fourth floor, take it to see the outside world. . .

So there is a moment these photos

The original daily stay in the company's stapler to live in London hotel ...

stapler in London hotel.png

Sightseeing in Cambridge by boat

stapler in boat.png

And across the sea and came to the United States, a high at Disneyland

stapler in disneyland.png

Photo with Empire State Building

stapler photo with Empire State Building.png

Watching football in Boston

stapler watching football in Boston.png

After a long day was washed in the sauna

stapler was washed in the sauna.png

Due to the usual boring work, the pressure is too high, the stapler to break the rules run away from home that point poke a lot of office workers in the heart

Now that the employees who have evolved into this company have the opportunity to go out and play with this stapler

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