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How To Use Staple Remover ?
Sep 23, 2017

Take a look at the nail puller. It is usually closed. As long as the small pin is poked downwards, it opens.The sharp part of the front end is where the nail puller is used!

pink staple remover1.pngpink staple remover 2.png

Ordinary book nails, or more difficult stupid, can be out of the ah!

The part to be nailed is the front part of the staple. The tip of the part into the staple, nail device design is very reasonable, do not need to be very laborious.

pink staple remover 3.pngpink staple remover 4.png

Forced to pinch together, the general spoon will be played off.

Individual staples in the individual will only play one end, the other end stubborn refused to come down, then continue to force down to pull up the other end of the staple can be played.From the staples!

pink staple remover 5.pngpink staple remover 6.png