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Separable Creative Stapler
Dec 27, 2017

Separable creative stapler


A detachable creative stapler, which is different from the traditional stapler as it can only be binding at the edge of the paper, but can be set to where you want to book! Such as the figure in the cork board central stickers, really is a very powerful creative products


The biggest change designers come from within. Different from the previous stapler attached to the bottom of the body just played a fixed role, where the base and the main body is completely separated. First of all, through the base to determine the location of the object needs to be set, and then use the main hammer.


This stapler is so powerful that it can be fastened not only by normal soft paper and hard paper, but also by thick cardboard, which is a little thicker than the conventional stapler Rely on efficiency greatly enhanced.


The industrial design of the stapler itself is also very good. Polished polyester ethylene feel first-class, clear lines in the corner, good grip. The magnet is attached to the body and the base, which ensures that they align even across the paper. The company is located in