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Somebody Say :Canton Fair, For The Feelings
Nov 02, 2017

Canton fair, for the feelings

The Canton fair, which is like cloud, cannot be separated from the addition of "new Canton", as well as the "old friends" as always. The high quality service of the Canton fair has polished the "Chinese first exhibition", which is the heart of new and old buyers.

Elena Laibach, a German buyer who has been appointed by the company to attend the Canton fair, said: "although we have been on a plane for more than a decade, it seems that the progress pavilion will be a new one. There are so many jobs and surprises, and the Canton fair is a special case, which brings me unexpected surprises." Brazil buyers Eliane De f. Amorim has a fan in the Canton fair, the years "report" on time, long, feel the vast country of the east, also witnessing the bit changes in the fair. "The constant is the place," he said. "the change is the continuous improvement of the service, the continuous improvement of the facilities."

Chinese-australian An Jiang Min has participated in the conference since 1996 and has been participating in the conference for 21 years. Despite the high age, he still insisted on his visit to the Canton fair and visited the friends of Canton fair to feel the change and prosperity of the Canton fair. The smile on his face and the shining MEDALS on his face show us his love and support for the Canton fair. Benito Lau, a hong kong-based buyer of Hong Kong, said he had been so keen to attend the Canton fair for so many years for a unique "feeling".

Canton fair feelings is like a cup of fragrant tea, sweet taste, alcohol products, new and old to pay, as always, support and praise, is this a cup of fragrant teas to the source of flavour in the Canton fair, and Canton fair progress, pioneering and innovative driving force.