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Staple Free Stapler / Stapleless Stapler
Oct 06, 2017

Environmental protection stapleless stapler

Environmentally friendly and fresh new office - environmentally friendly stapleless-stapler was born!

★ Market prospects

At present, people use the traditional stapler, has more than 100 years old, it is hard to wear metal staples on paper, two kinds of different substances together, feel discomfort, and a long time will Rusty. In addition, the traditional stapler is easily scratched by the staples on the back of the paper; or when the paper is recycled, the staples must be stuck out; or if the staples are forgotten, the paper is put into shredding Machine after the machine is difficult to repair the big trouble.

A new generation of environmentally friendly non-stapler stapler for you to solve all the annoying troubles and injuries.

A new generation of environmentally friendly non-stapler from the plastic shell and metal components from the combination of small and lovely shape, convenient and practical, do not need staples, using the paper itself "nail" their own principles, as long as you gently Can be nailed, the use of very simple, you often have "machine" no "nail" trouble brain. The machine for the binding of the general paper, invoices and so no problem, very suitable for binding a small amount of documents used, of course, it is more suitable for binding is not very thick paper. The general printing paper is about 10 pages.

A new generation of environmentally friendly non-stapler, environmental protection and fresh! A vast blank market, see if you can grasp!

★ product features

Environmentally friendly non-stapler stapler is the use of origami paper designed out of the goods, I believe we have made a childhood origami, whether it is folding, folding or folding stars, are the use of paper folding paper will be fixed. Environmental protection without stapler stapler is the use of stapler special cutting knife to punch the paper, and then through the special paper folding paper will be perforated paper into the inside of the cut marks, so that will be completed Paper fixed action, both environmentally friendly and can save money.

★ product advantages

1. Environmental design, fashion pioneer

2. Easy to fax, never hurt

3. Business meeting, promotional activities of the perfect gift! 4. Easy to use, save time and effort