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Staple Puller Tool Too Convenient Things
Sep 16, 2017

Introduce a few not commonly used, but in need of time to use, will feel simply not too convenient things

NO.1 nail puller Staple Puller Tool 

They look like this

staple puller tool1.png

There are two models to see the stapler is similar, they do with stapler is: the stapler is responsible for, it is responsible for the demolition...... (stand in the perspective of the stapler nails, a little bit funny......)

What's the use of it?

Usually in the use of stapler binding things, inevitably due to unequal force, the reason for the wrong set, bad order. At this point you need to pull down the nails and re bind them. The shredder with broken nail files, nail also needs to be deducted, or easy to damage the shredder.

In view of the staple material, easy to stab hands in the buckle nail (of course, rough skin and flesh of the automatic please ignore), with a nailpuller demolition nail, and labor does not hurt the hand.Staple Puller Tool .

Select one of them and open it

staple puller tool2.png

When not in use, push the nail closer by pushing the black button

staple puller tool3.png

Operation demonstration

staple puller tool4.png

(additional modifications: friends said, should pull back, that is the staple between the side seam. In fact, both positive and negative can be, directly from the front of the above drawing, not skilled enough, then the paper is easy to damage. Pull the nail from the back and pull it off from the front, so that the damage to the paper can be reduced to the minimum

Pull the nail back with the nail puller first

Remove the nail from the front with your hand

PS: why do you think there is an uneven situation and a bad order?. Don't blame yourself. You probably didn't pick the stapler! You said I was advertising? There is no sign of advertising

staple puller tool5.jpgstaple puller tool6.jpg

There is also a needle free stapler, mainly through high pressure, so that the paper compressed into small holes, these holes instead of staples, used to fix paper. The stapler does not exist in the case of nailing, and can be thrown directly into the shredder. But at the same time, it also has limitations, because there is no nail fixed, Staple Puller Tool ,long-term reading, easy to spread out, and it is not suitable for large volume of document binding. Choose according to your own needs.