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Stapler Choice
Dec 07, 2017

Stapler is an essential part of the office, the office will often use the stapler, if you buy a bad stapler for your work a lot of inconvenience,

First, the overall effect should be noted:

The appearance of the product should be clean, dusty, fingerprint-free, anti-rust spill phenomenon.

Second, from the accessories, should pay attention to:

1, plastic parts - the surface of plastic parts should be smooth and bright, bright color, uniform and basically no significant color, no distortion, flash, lack of material, cracks, depression, air stripe, plastic marks, top white and other obstacles to appearance defect.

2, the metal parts - metal coating surface should be smooth, bright, can not have pitting, piebald, pinholes, yellowing, exposed, rust, starting and other defects; metal parts should be round the edge, can not have burrs, Lee edge (security issues).

3, paint / printing - the outer surface of the film should be smooth, smooth, matching, the color no obvious color, no dense particle impurities, can not appear pinhole bubbles, exposed bottom, paint sticky, uneven thickness and so on; nail Knife - nail no distortion, flash, defect.

4, the next set of slots - at the bottom of the base up under the scheduled trough, under the trough rotation flexible.

Third, from the combination of accessories;

1, Stapler cover self-locking well, no obvious loose, shaking.

2, hold the stapler base with one hand, the other hand pick up the stapler cover and move the lid, the lid open moderate intensity (comparison sample), nail and cover separation and the pin should be fixed on the base .

3, with one hand holding the base of the stapler, the other holding the stapler stapler and move away nails, nails should be fixed on the base.

4, gently press the stapler cover, nail channel and the gap between the nail slot can be smooth and repeated action, good rebound performance (comparison sample), no card stagnation.

5, to push the accelerator to open and close moderate (comparison sample), push the stapler can be pushed to the top of the nail path, the entire row of staples can be done all at once.

Fourth, from the binding function:

Stapler blade adjustment before and after should be moderate, according to the instructions set the paper thickness requirements for each set of paper not less than 10 times, the needle should be smooth without plug (card) needle, no card needle.

Taizhou Greatwall Stationery Factory is a professional manufacturer of staplers since 1995 with 6500 square meter, located in the Taizhou(near the Ningbo port).