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SUNS, BUCKS Reach Deal!
Nov 08, 2017

SUNS, BUCKS Reach Deal!

On November 7, 2017, just as many fans were asleep, the NBA finally took another sale and Eric Bledsoe, who had fallen out with the Suns, was finally traded, according to Adrian Wojnarowski, an NBA reporter. A source disclosed that the sun defensive Eric - Bledsoe to the Bucks. Specific details of the transaction is the Suns sent Eric Bledsoe, get the Bucks Greg Monroe and a first-round pick!

Adrian Wojnarowski.png

Can be said that the deal for both teams in terms of the deal is a very good choice, the Suns are currently in the reconstruction period, Bledsoe has been with the Suns completely out of stock, the transaction is necessary for him And Monroe was given a helping hand for the Suns this season, and Monroe will have his contract expired at the end of the season and the Suns also have flexible maneuverability, plus a first-round The draft pick, we can say that this wave of operation of the Suns does not lose!

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The Bucks are more willing to do the deal than the Suns, and before the Bledsco joined, the Bucks' starting line-up was Snell, the bench or the Dellavedova, Although all have a good play, but lack of sufficient competitiveness on the offensive end. And Bledsoe is able to make up for these two shortcomings in this area, his excellent offensive ability will give the Bucks backcourt huge help!


Bledsoe on behalf of the Suns this season, played three games, averaging 15.7 points 2.3 rebounds and 3 assists in the data, before falling out with the team this season, he had reached his occupation in the first two seasons The pinnacle of his career, averaging more than 20 points in scoring, and assists are also more than 6 times, we can say he is the Bucks have always wanted to get the  helper!