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TOMMY Stationery With 23 Years
Dec 13, 2017

TOMMY Stationery

Taizhou Greatwall Stationery Factory was founded in 1989, located in the emerging trade center in southeastern Zhejiang --- 104 State Road, Taizhou, Zhejiang Road Bridge, land, sea and air traffic is very convenient.

After years of arduous pioneering, the company has now developed into a professional office stationery research and development, design, production and trade enterprises. And has an advanced printing production lines. Enterprise mainly produces: TOMMY stapler, punch and printing office supplies, garden tools, hardware tools, household items and other products. In the research and development process, adhere to the humane design, followed by the latest fashion trends in light industry to ensure product novelty and uniqueness. Companies' culture is quality, to ensure zero-defect product quality, to the best performance in similar products to come to the fore. Product sales throughout the country and exported to over 30 countries and regions in the world, the majority of consumers have been praised!

In order to further improve the quality of product design, the Company has implemented "5S" management and developed products in the direction of high technology and high added value. At the same time, the Company expanded the scale of production to reduce the product cost on a large scale and transferred the maximum benefit to the Company New and old customers and consumers as the best return they support the company's products, through our unremitting efforts to continuously improve Shin Kong stationery customer satisfaction and integrity, tree a hundred years, "Shin Kong" brand, creating a precedent for high-quality office stationery.

Your needs is our chase, for your every visit and every call, we will cherish more and strive to do better! Look forward to your visit and you start a deep cooperation!

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