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Type Of Office Stationery Details
Sep 06, 2017

1. Writing supplies (neutral pen, ballpoint pen, automatic pencil, pencil, marker pen, pop advertising pen, whiteboard pen, highlighter pen, flashing pen, pen, pens, laser pen).

2. Book Envelopes (soft transcript, hard copy, Pieben, imitation coil of this, note, business Card album, album, Stationery, envelopes, binders, leaflets, phone book).

3. Desktop stationery (paper clips, pins, pushpin, staples, bead needles, work word nails, alteration liquid, alteration belt, rubber, pen ink, glue stick, stapler, stapler, Punch, n times paste, pen knife, pencil sharpener, scissors, bi paper knife, tape holder, business card box, business card holder.

4. File Management Storage supplies (lightweight folders, cardboard folders, brochures, pull-edge bags, press button bags, sucker rod clips, single page clips, hanging racks, hanging labor clips, file trays, document bags).