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Zhejiang-to- Build A Strong Foreign Trade Province
Oct 27, 2017

Zhejiang to build a strong foreign trade province

In the office of the zhejiang trading group, the publicity card of "quality zhejiang goods and marketing world" is eye-catching. Han jie, head of the zhejiang trading delegation and deputy director of the department of commerce, spoke to reporters

This year, 15 companies in zhejiang won 18 CF awards, while zhejiang province won the only award. Talked about the meaning, Han Jie believes that the most direct, the most important thing is to increase the additional value products competitive and implementation from quantity to quality, brand, selling items from selling products to sell, sell system transformation. Especially in innovative design and brand cultivation, we build product system, quality system, management system, etc., to enhance the added value of products.

Of zhejiang export leader - Canton fair ccpit, the effect of special VIP buyers Han Jie said, is known as "China's no.1", in the Canton fair in Canton fair on special national-level exploiting market for zhejiang enterprises, contribute to pay is very helpful. There are 75,000 foreign trade enterprises in zhejiang, 150, 000 foreign trade companies and more than 5,000 enterprises participating in the fair. Therefore, the 20 enterprises participating in the meeting are representatives of zhejiang foreign trade. This meeting will be accurate to the enterprise and the buyer, both the supply and demand side of the initiative is very high, the intention of the site is more than ten million dollars.

For zhejiang foreign trade the next plan, Han Jie pointed out: in zhejiang province will be the spirit as the guide, the party's 19 key around the "steady growth, share, restructuring, and innovation" of the work target, solid to promote stable and healthy development of foreign trade, play "five three" combination, build a strong province of foreign trade. First, we need to consolidate the foundation and advance the "three intensification". The main is to strengthen the foreign trade main body upgrade, strengthen the international market to develop, strengthen the internationalization management ability. Second, we need to grasp the situation and advance the "three linkage". We will promote the linkage between foreign trade and industry, promote the linkage between foreign trade and foreign investment, and promote the linkage between foreign trade and foreign trade. Third, we need to deepen reform and highlight the "three acceleration". We will speed up standardization of market procurement and trade, accelerate the branding of external services platforms, and speed up the scale-up of cross-border e-commerce exports. Fourthly, we should cultivate advantages and achieve "three breakthroughs". Breakthroughs have been made in advancing the whole industrial chain of oil products in the free trade area, and breakthroughs have been made in expanding the scale of the export of service trade, and in the development of processing trade. Fifth, we should optimize services and implement the "three efforts". We will make efforts to promote the reform of "the maximum number of runs once" and focus on reducing the burden of enterprises and strengthening trade protection relief.